DAX Optimization with Alberto Ferrari

DAX Optimization Examples

Join DAX Expert, Alberto Ferrari, as he answers the question how do you optimize a DAX expression? In this session, we analyze some DAX expressions and Tabular models and, through …

Building a Power Virtual Agents Productivity BOT

Building a Power Virtual Agents Productivity Bot

Microsoft’s Principal Program Manager Lead, Kent Weare, teaches you how to build a productivity bot using Microsoft Power Virtual Agents. Download the presentation. This video was recorded during the Calgary …

Working From Home: Our Experience as a Small Business

It has been three weeks since our team at Iteration Insights moved to remote work. The uncertainty of COVID-19 and its rapid spread across Calgary had put companies into a flurry of business continuity planning, which for many, including us, involved setting up our business to work from home. Despite, our employees having experience working from home for a day or two here and there. The transition to being home every day to help #flattenthecurve through physical distancing proved to have its unique challenges. During this time, we want to share with you our organization’s transition to working from home and the following tools and tricks that our team has identified as helping our business remain successful despite these difficult circumstances.