Course Description:
This course introduces users to the fundamentals of Power BI and DAX in a fast paced, hands on and interactive environment. Over the duration of the course students will walk though an end to end solution using a combination of lectures and hands on labs to reinforce concepts. The final day includes instruction on using the Iteration Insights Power BI Iterative Delivery Methodology using client data set(s). Students will learn how to:

  • Import data into a solution, transform and cleanse data using Power Query Editor.
  • Build a well-formed data model that is optimized and ready for flexible self-service reporting.
  • Enhance the model using by applying introductory DAX
  • Once an optimized model is established, the course then moves into building, publishing and sharing visualizations with end users using the various methods available in the Power BI suite of products.
  • Develop a solution using the Iteration Insights Power BI Iterative Delivery Methodology


  • This course is geared towards Business Analysts, Analysts, Super Users, Power Users and IT users that have a keen interest in learning how Power BI can help them become more efficient data analysts.


  • 3 Days – Daily from 8:30am – 4:00pm


  • $1,599 CAD plus GST per user. Minimum 5 attendees
  • $8,500 CAD plus GST per course. Up to 10 attendees

Course Materials:

  • Introduction to Power BI manual and sample files will be provided.
  • Additional resources are included to enable the student to continue learning Power BI after course completion.

Technical Requirements:

Course Outline:

  1. Introductions and Setup
  2. Product Overview
  3. Dive into Power BI Desktop
    1. Exploring Data Sources
    2. Importing Data using Power Query
    3. Modeling Data
      1. Relationships
      2. Hierarchies
      3. Introduction to DAX
      4. Other Optimization Techniques
    4. Visualizing Data using the Desktop
      1. Visuals
      2. Reports
      3. Other features that enrich the end user experience
  4. Publishing to the Service
    1. Dive into Power BI Service
    2. Visualizing Data
    3. Building Dashboards
    4. Sharing Visualizations
    5. Additional Service Functionality
  5. Integration with Excel
  6. Other Power BI Resources
    1. Power BI Administration Concepts
    2. Power BI Community Resources
  7. Develop a solution using the Iteration Insights Power BI Iterative Delivery Methodology
    1. Considering Data Sources
    2. Model Design Approaches
    3. Storytelling with your data
    4. Delivery Methods

Students will be presented with a Certificate of Completion at course ending. A sample certificate is shown below.

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