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A Year in Review of Strengthening


A New Year is upon us! The beginning of a new year is a time to strategize, reflect, and set goals for the upcoming year with a fresh mind. These goals help guide us, stay on track, and deliver on the objectives for a successful year ahead. 

At Iteration Insights, we keep our values at the forefront of all we do. These include:

  • Lifelong Learning 
  • Iterate 
  • First Class Service 
  • Collaboration 
  • Thought Leadership 
  • Community 
  • Communication 
  • Data-Driven
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

In 2022, our team embarked on the theme of “Strengthening” for the year. As a growing organization in a fast-paced industry, it was important to connect all we do with our values to strengthen our position to deliver the best services to our clients, team members, and partners. 

This blog illustrates a Year in Review of some of our accomplishments in the past year with the theme of strengthening. 


The word strengthening in itself implies putting in some hard work. Our team reached some hurdles this year but ultimately prevailed each time. When Microsoft announced its new designation requirements to partners, we had to strategize ways to achieve this new designation. 

With our goal in mind, our team came together to study for certifications, and by October, we had achieved our Microsoft Partnership in Data and AI! 

We came together to deliver our services, solutions, training, user group, events, team dinners, and more! Here are some of the accomplishments we achieved:

Often it’s hard to believe your accomplishments when you take the time to reflect on all the great milestones from working hard every day! 


As a team that values lifelong learning, thought leadership, being data-driven, and more we love to share our knowledge with our fellow community.

Each quarter, we gather members of the Analytics community together for the Power Platform and Azure Analytics User Groups. These user groups recently shifted from virtual due to the pandemic to hybrid.

Seeing faces again and sharing learning and experiences help spark inspiration, conversation, and connection among individuals with common interests.

This past year has brought together more in-person gatherings not only for our user groups but also for our new office space and team dinners. Connecting with our team has not only gotten us closer as a whole but also realigned our theme of strengthening.

In September we hosted our first-ever “September Reboarding Day”. This day was an opportunity to get the Iteration Insights team together and share our goals and accomplishments for the end of the year.

Strengthening played a role not only in how we conduct our services but also in how we interact with our team in working together. These are things that we hope to continue to carry forward in the year ahead.


A concept around the theme of strengthening is that there will always be areas to strengthen. By having Strengthening at the center of all that we do, the past year, we have developed the mindset of an organization to always be strengthening.

When thinking of the upcoming year, our Business Support team sat together and brainstormed the goals we all had for 2023.

By aligning our goals we found ways we can work together, collaborate, expand, and grow. The more we brainstormed a theme for the upcoming year, we discovered that teamwork is often at the foundation of all we accomplish.

Setting goals helps us to have tactical outcomes we strive to achieve and also highlights the talent of our team members in finding places to work together to attain our goals.

We brainstormed our 2023 goals by quarter. Looking at a yearly calendar at a full glance can be intimidating. But dividing the year into measurable slices not only sparks more inspiration but also makes it easier to manage and focus on the tasks ahead.

Creating new calendars, meeting cadences, and planning our events prepared us for staying on top of the tasks we are about to take on.

Motivation For the Year Ahead

The Iteration Insights team recently came back from our Holiday Office Closure dates. We spent time over the holidays to relax, rejuvenate, and come back together for an exciting year in 2023!

With the New Year comes the excitement of connecting with our fellow partners and community. As we work more in our new office space, conduct more hybrid events, and connect with members within our community we are looking forward to seeing what 2023 has in store.

Strengthening is engrained in how we set forth our daily tasks and how we interact and share our knowledge with others. Setting goals whether they are organization-wide or specific within your job role helps measure how much you’ve accomplished and keeps the fire of the New Year going within the year.


We hope you have a great year ahead and wish you all the best for a successful 2023!

No matter your goals for the upcoming year, approaching them with positivity and perseverance will always make the task at hand more rewarding. Reflect on what you’ve accomplished and be proud of the hard work dedicated to achieving your goals – strengthening is a mindset and something that we can always keep building on.

If you are looking to expand your knowledge in the Analytics space, we’d love to see you at one of our upcoming User Group or Power BI Public Training events.

Happy New Year from the Iteration Insights Team!

A Year in Review Video

Each year at Iteration Insights, we post a Year in Review video. This is a fun way for us to showcase all the exciting activities we have accomplished as a team!

From the industries, we’ve worked with, to team dinners, how we’ve expanded our team, and more this is a way to celebrate and acknowledge all we’ve done.

Please enjoy the Iteration Insights Year in Review:

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