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Empowering People
with Data.

Our passion lies in giving everyone the tools, knowledge, and expertise to make data-driven decisions. 

Regardless of where you are on your analytics journey, our team will guide you through the tools and confidence to use your data better. 

We do this by offering services, content, and community support to strengthen the meaning of your data to make better business decisions.

Our Values

Lifelong learning

With the ever-changing scope of technology, a ‘never stop learning’ mindset is a necessity. We encourage our employees and our community to keep up with the latest developments in their fields.


Hard work and perseverance is an important component in continued success; if at first, you don’t succeed, iterate.

First Class Service

We strive to deliver the best customer service in all that we do. When you get Iteration Insights, your organization is backed by the full team!


We are nothing without the team that supports us. By working together, and sharing information and knowledge, we empower our team and our partners to go further.

Thought Leadership

Technology moves faster every year, which is why it’s vitally important to stay at the forefront of innovation in business intelligence and data-driven solutions.


By sharing knowledge and learning with those around us in the data analytics space, we foster growth and push the industry forward.


We believe that communication is key to everything that we do at Iteration Insights. It is the cornerstone of being able to empower people with data.


Fact-based decisions built on processes are powerful tools that change how we operate. This is the foundation of every solution we offer our partners.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

People, of all different backgrounds, are so important to our company. It’s our aim to make every single person who walks through our doors virtually and in-person feel valued, listened to, and respected.

Our Team

With backgrounds across 19 different industries, our team members possess broad skill-set and experience-base to understand a wide range of processes and data. This range of experience is only possible through our focus on mentoring every new team member as they transition to business analytics, and it has allowed for the maximum amount of growth and flexibility. Our team’s diversity, combined with their broad array of skills and chemistry to work together seamlessly, gives every partner we work with access to an agile, dedicated group of analysts with a deep pool of knowledge.

The First Iteration

In 2017, Chris founded Iteration Insights with the vision of creating a world-class team. The desire was to do something different from traditional consulting and the common metrics used for success. Instead, the goal was to create a company that had a balanced scorecard approach and where the people, processes, technology were done right from the start. With a background in analytics and the industry trending towards analytics, the entrepreneurial voice inside his head knew that now was the time to give this business a shot.

To do this, Chris knew he needed an analytics architect with the technical expertise required to be a leader in this industry. Immediately, Chris thought of Jarid McKenzie whom he had taught back in 2010 for a Business Intelligence Post Degree Certificate.

After meeting and realizing they had a shared vision for a consulting firm that empowered people, prioritized family as well as having a work/life balance. Jarid agreed to come on as co-owner. Together, the two set out to change how business analytics consulting was done.

The company grew rapidly, and in late 2020, Iteration Insights became a certified Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics. By 2021, the company has worked with partners across nine different industries and grown to employ a diverse team, many of whom had been hired locally from Alberta post-secondary institutions.

This rapid growth and supportive team mentality allowed them to post profits each year, and share those profits with their employees.

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Chris Sorensen

Chris Sorensen, MCSE (Data Management and Analytics) and MCT, is the Founder and President of Iteration Insights. A consultant, architect, educator, author, and coach with nearly 20 years experience in the analytics space. 

Chris provides strategic and architectural advisory services to companies across a variety of industries. He has experience leading numerous Power BI and Excel PowerPivot projects and in 2018, he wrote the book Microsoft Press Exam Ref 70-779 Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Excel.

At Iteration Insights, Chris exudes passion for growing and fostering the data analytics community in Calgary and Western Canada. That same push for excellence shows up in his desire to deliver the best results for his clients and for the company. 

Jarid McKenzie

Jarid McKenzie, BSc. In Mathematics and Statistics and certified in Business Intelligence from the University of Calgary, is co-owner and Lead Analytics Architect for Iteration Insights.

Jarid has eight years of experience working in the digital space, including teaching Business Intelligence at the University of Calgary and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). Currently, he is on the advisory board for the Business Intelligence Program at SAIT and is a mentor to many graduates from this course.

As an active member of the Power Platform and Azure Analytics User Groups in Calgary, Jarid loves to share his knowledge with the community by speaking at major data analytics events, such as the Power Platform World Tour held in Calgary last year. 

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