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How Can a Microsoft Data & AI Partner Help Your Organization?

You would be hard-pressed in today’s business world to find a company that does not utilize a Microsoft product in one way or another.

Whether it be your basic work package of Microsoft 365 or deeper applications like Microsoft Azure, Power BI, or Dynamics 365. Due to this huge market, it would be next to impossible for Microsoft itself to handle all the customer service and solutions required in today’s modern firms.

This is where Microsoft AI Cloud Partners come in.


What is a Microsoft AI Cloud Partner?

A Microsoft AI Cloud Partner is a company that has proved their skills and competencies to partner with Microsoft to deliver solutions, applications, licenses, and more to Microsoft customers.

When an organization becomes a Microsoft AI Cloud Partner, they are supported through benefits such as marketing, technical support, and more.

The Partner Program is divided into levels of partnership, which you can learn more about on the Microsoft website. If a company is to become a solutions partner, it would need to obtain at least 1 of 6 designations.

In this article, we will be looking specifically at a Solutions Partner with the Data & AI designation.

What Does a Data & AI Partner Focus On?

A Microsoft AI Cloud Solutions Partner in Data & AI has the broad capability to help customers manage data across multiple systems to build analytics and AI Solutions. Data & AI Partners will help companies to

  • Analyze existing workloads, design and build data models, and perform ETL to migrate data to cloud-based data warehouses and enable cloud-based analytics solutions.
  • Design, plan, and deliver Microsoft analytics solutions using Microsoft Fabric, Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Databricks.
  • Implement Azure solutions for AI-powered apps and machine learning life cycles.
  • Enable AI Adoption

Cloud Analytics Solutions

Data Warehousing with Microsoft Fabric

In every organization, employees use platforms, software, and services to do their job. In doing so, they are creating data.

In many areas of the business, this data needs to be captured and utilized to effectively understand what is happening in the business.

Because each area of the business works in their preferred source system, the best practice is to centralize all that information. This is where a data warehouse comes in.

While data warehouse may be a dated term, in this blog, it is all-encompassing for many of the different data architectures.

A Data & AI partner will build ETL pipelines using MS Fabric Data Engineering and Data Factory to connect to those data sources and bring that data into the cloud.

Once the data is aggregated, data engineers can model and cleanse the data so that it is in a usable format to answer all questions of the business.

While many organizations may not practice this, an important part of any data warehouse is the reporting function. Without reporting, the data will stay stagnant and unused.

Ultimately, the goal of a cloud data warehouse is to centralize data into a standardized source that can be easily accessed to answer questions that anyone in the business may have.

When it comes to data warehouses, a data and AI partner can help organizations establish a brand-new data warehouse in the cloud or migrate an existing on-premises data warehouse.

With Microsoft’s newest all-in-one analytics product, Microsoft Fabric, organizations can create an end-to-end Data Warehouse easily.

Data Pipeline Performance Optimization

One of the benefits of utilizing the cloud for analytics is the cost-benefit. It is much cheaper for an organization to pay for storage and computing costs in the cloud than to store and manage physical servers.

While that is true, many organizations can find themselves with costly monthly subscriptions, due to their data pipeline performance.

A Data & AI partner can work with organizations to review best practices and optimize those data pipelines in Microsoft Azure to ensure that they are performing at an optimal speed – and therefore reducing monthly subscription costs.

Custom Reporting with Power BI

A Data & AI partner should be highly skilled in business intelligence and Power BI in order to unlock your data with custom report development.

Tailored to meet your unique business needs, Power BI dashboards and reports visualize complex data into interactive, easy-to-understand reports.

Solutions can include real time dashboards that provide insights to the minute, in-depth reporting, enabling drill down into data, identify trends, uncover patterns.

The solutions should simplify your reporting processes with automated reporting that deliver consistent, timely, and accurate insights, eliminating the manual effort of data collection and report generation, and allowing you to focus on analysis and strategy.

These solutions integrating data from various sources, a unified view is created that enhances your ability to analyze and interpret diverse datasets.

Scalable to grow with your business, ensuring that your reporting capabilities can adapt to increasing data volumes and complexity.

Iteration Insights Is Your Data & AI Partner for 2024

Iteration Insights has been a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2018 and achieved the Data and AI Partner designation in 2022 when the program changed.

As a specialist in Microsoft analytics products such as Microsoft Fabric, Azure Synapse, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Databricks, our expert consultants understand how to build a data platform that suits your business.

We’ve worked with companies across all industries including energy, education, infrastructure, manufacturing, and much more.

Interested in starting the conversation with a Microsoft Data and AI Partner?

Reach out to Iteration Insights today! Contact us directly or via email at [email protected].

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