Consulting Done Differently

From the initial discovery to a sustainable solution, we provide a strategic approach to best suit your organization. We help solve your unique business challenges by:

Whether you need an assessment, expertise, training, or ad hoc support. We offer a variety of different ways to assist your organization on the route to becoming data-driven.


The discovery process

We draw from your whole business to paint a picture of where you are currently, work with you and your team to clarify the vision of where you can go, then help you build a blueprint to get there, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our assessment features a holistic framework, including:

Using that information, we collaborate to create a strategy that goes beyond data and technology to answer questions such as:


From Power BI training to building your modern data warehouse, we offer support to organizations that do not have the capabilities or resources for managing the technical side of analytics once a solution has been operationalized.

By acting as your help-desk for any analytics questions you may have, we can provide one-off, on-site resources to fix a problem you may be facing.

We can advise you on the following:

Data Architecture

Data architecture is the foundation on which good data practices begin. Since many organizations require the ability to integrate independent platforms, a properly-built structure is key. 

With The Modern Data Warehouse, you can seamlessly funnel independent data into one common source. Once complete, you can quickly analyze and develop reports from it. Given each business is unique, we can give you tailored advice on:

Power BI Governance and Adoption

The road to becoming data driven does not end after implementing data architecture. Sustaining your accomplishments through a method of documentation in compliance with Power BI governance is necessary for continued organizational efficiency.

Governance is a critical step that safeguards against utilizing unreliable data sources, misunderstanding a process due to organization turnover, and publishing untested applications to the end-user. We have faced these governance challenges , and can provide answers to the best practices for:

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