Solution Delivery

Bringing Colour and Clarity to Your Data

With over 12,000 project hours and our diverse business intelligence background, we have the know-how to get value from your data. 

We help by providing people, processes, and key resources to augment your team and implement bespoke data analytics solutions that incorporate data-driven insights into your day-to-day business processes.

Whether you are facing challenges with data architecture, data governance, or reporting, we can deliver a clear understanding of your organization’s story with custom-tailored solutions.

Our solution delivery falls under three, broad categories:

Design + Build​

The design and implementation of a modern data warehouse is essential for any data-driven organization. Properly designed architecture supplies clean data and defines the source of truth resulting in increased efficiencies…

and ensuring scalability.

Our diverse background allows us to understand your unique business needs and create a bespoke solution to organize dispersed data, providing clean collection and storage.

With a full modern data warehouse design and build process, we: 

  • Build a data foundation to support downstream decision making 
  • Recommend an  architecture that suits your needs
  • Help you with transitioning  to the Cloud
  • Design policies and rules to govern data collection
  • Build data warehouses and lakes to securely store, arrange, and integrate your data
  • Implement a modern data warehouse using Microsoft Azure

Analytics + Reporting

Analytics and reporting are often our partners’ first experience with the data-driven world. With our help, they are able to collect and view reliable, timely data from multiple sources to pursue actionable insights.

To do this, we create and implement focused analytic solutions that quickly deliver the knowledge you need to make business decisions with confidence.

Through this, we provide:

  • A sound data model
  • Functional reporting
  • Actionable insights
  • Access to the full knowledge of our team

Storytelling + Visualizations

After analyzing and reporting, we then use storytelling to answer the “why” questions specific to your business. From financial statements to sales dashboards, we create stunning data visualizations that clearly…

communicate the insights you need to solve your business problems. 

Beyond that, we keep reporting flexible, which allows the end-user to answer a variety of questions. 

We provide

  • A clear flow to the story being told
  • With stunning visualizations
  • In an interactive and interconnected environment

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