Are you eligible for the Canada Alberta Job Grant?


The Canada Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) is a provincial grant for employers to help upskill and train their employees.

Alberta-based companies that are eligible can get training costs covered up to $15,000 per trainee. In this blog, I will cover what companies are eligible, what trainees are eligible, what courses are eligible and how to apply.

I will also look at our Iteration Insights training courses that are covered by the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

Companies Eligible for the Canada Alberta Job Grant

To qualify for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, your employer must fit the description for one of the following:

  • Private employers, this also includes sole proprietors and partnerships
  • Not-for-profit employers
  • First Nations and Metis Settlements
  • Agriculture Financial Services Corporation*
  • Alberta Treasury Branches*

* If in a community with a population of 100,000 people or less

Alberta employers must also have employees that need training for their job position. Employers can apply for funding for future potential employees if they fully intend to employ them after training.

They must also be incorporated (if they are a corporation and non-profit) and operating as a business that has established production in Alberta. Sole proprietors must be in operations and registered for a minimum of 30 days.

Public sector employers are not eligible for this job grant.

For full details and clarification on eligibility, refer to the Applicants Guide.

Employees Eligible for the Canada Alberta Job Grant

For an employee to qualify for the funding they must fit into the following criteria.

  • Canadian citizens
  • Permanent Resident
  • Protected people under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act who are entitled to work in Canada
  • Business owners with 4 or fewer employees
  • Employed family members

Another criterion is that eligible trainees must live in Alberta.

The types of individuals who are not eligible for the Canada Alberta Job Grant are:

  • Business owners with greater than 4 employees
  • Family members that are not employees
  • Temporary foreign workers or any temporary workers in Canada

For full details and clarification on eligibility, refer to the Applicants Guide.

Courses Eligible for the Canada Alberta Job Grant

For the course to be eligible for the funding, the training company must be a separate party from the employer. Additionally, training must be a core service of the training provider.

The course itself must fit the following descriptions:

  • Total of 21 instructional hours or longer per trainee per application
  • Start with 6 months of receiving approval for the grant
  • Be completed within 52 weeks of the training course start date
  • Result in credential*

The delivery method of the course can be either full or part-time and can be online or in person.

* Record of completion, certification, grade, etc.

For full details and clarification on eligibility, refer to the Applicants Guide.

How to Apply

After reviewing your eligibility for the job grant, you may now want to apply for the job grant.

The first step in applying is to read the Canada-Alberta Job Grant Application Guide document that is provided by the Government of Alberta.

Once you have confirmed the eligibility of your employee, trainee, training provider and course, you may apply through the Labour’s Workforce Grants Portal.

For more information on receiving payments and using the Grants portal visit the Canada-Alberta Job Grant information page.

Power BI Training Courses with Iteration Insights

For an employer to take the Iteration Insights Power BI training and be eligible for the Canada Alberta Job Grant, they must register for both our Introduction to Power BI and Intermediate Power BI courses.

This is so that it will meet the minimum 21 hours of training requirement. Each course is 2 days of 7.5 hours, so taking both together will make 26 hours of training total.

Introduction to Power BI

Our offering of Introduction to Power BI is a course that aims to deliver a fully comprehensive understanding of the tool. Over 2-days, this course touches on an overview of the basic interface, utilizing Power Query Editor, discussing, and showcasing basic data modelling, and implementing beginner level DAX.

Our aim is that attendees of this session walk away with a full understanding of the flow of analytics from importing data, all the way to visualizing and reporting on that data.

This course is perfect for anyone looking to utilize Power BI in any capacity, whether it is report building or just working with the dashboards. There are no prerequisites to this course but a basic understanding of data analysis from Excel is an asset.

For a full overview check out the course syllabus.

Intermediate Power BI

Our Intermediate Power BI dives deeper into the concepts behind data modelling, visualizations and utilizing DAX. This is another 2-day course that is perfect for those with 3 to 6 months of experience working in the tool.

After experiencing the tool, developers will have a better understanding of the challenges that might occur while working with their data. The aim of this course is to get developers used to tackling challenges and comfortable setting up data models to encourage a Self-Service analytics environment.

As such, this course is targeted at Power BI developers that will be working ing Power Query Editor and building reports.

Given that the applicants have 52 weeks to complete the courses, we recommend that attendees register for our Introduction to Power BI course first. Once they get enough experience working within Power BI, it is time to jump into the Intermediate Power BI training.

For a full overview check out the course syllabus.


If you are an Albertan who is employed, about to be, or a business owner with employees that need training, make sure to check out the Canada Alberta Job Grant. This grant is great for small businesses that need to upskill and train their employees.

Apply today.

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