What is EDGE UP?

EDGE UP is a two-year skill development program created to help former Oil & Gas professionals break into the growing digital technology space within Calgary. Calgary Economic Development designed and is delivering the program through partnerships with post-secondary institutions here in Calgary. EDGE UP is funded by Future Skills Center – Centre des Compétences futures.  

EDGE UP with Iteration Insights

Calgary is quickly becoming a tech hub with a rapidly expanding digital community. One of Iteration Insights’ current initiatives to help grow this community is through collaboration with Calgary Economic Development. Our two co-owners Chris Sorensen and Jarid McKenzie will be delivering courses in Data Analytics for the EDGE UP program at SAIT later this year. 

Q&A with Chris & Jarid

How did we get involved in EDGE UP?

SAIT reached out to us with the request to facilitate some of their courses for the EDGE UP program. We offer a unique skill set due to our industry expertise with Analytics and in particular with Power BI and Python as well as the fact that we are experienced educators with over 25+ years of combined experience in this field.

What programs will you be facilitating?

We are teaching in the EDGE UP Data Analytics program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

We are facilitating two courses. The first is Data Analytics Tools which will focus on learning Power BI and utilizing the tool in everyday life. The second is Programming for Data Analytics which is a course that teaches Python.

To learn more about the different programs EDGE UP offers, click here.

Why did we want to get involved with EDGE UP?

EDGE UP’s initiative of growing and empowering individuals with the skills necessary for Calgary’s high-demand and high-growth digital technology opportunities are in alignment with our organizational values. We are passionate about growing this community as well as mentoring the next generation of analytics talent which is why we got involved in the EDGE Up program.

How do you believe EDGE UP will benefit the growing digital technology space in Calgary?

Given the downturn in the Oil and Gas industry in Calgary, we’ve seen many professionals have to shift their career plans. EDGE Up is an opportunity to help those who are looking to switch industries and get their foot in the door. We believe that this program is an exceptional way for professionals with a wealth of experience to transfer their vast amount of knowledge and skills to Calgary’s growing technology sector.

For more information and to see how you can “EDGE UP” see the EDGE UP website.

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