How to Not Overspend with Azure Synapse

Resource Optimization with Azure Synapse

Join Jarid McKenzie, Lead Analytics Architect at Iteration Insights, as he takes you through using how to optimize and automate your resource management in Azure Analytics.

In this session, Jarid will take you through a demo of how to set up your resource cost management in Azure Analytics. With this knowledge, you will know how to ensure you do not overspend in Azure and will understand how to automate the process to manage your Azure resource spending.

This video was recorded during the Calgary Azure Analytics User Group on Oct 20, 2020.

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Renata Kalsbeek is a Business Development Coordinator of Iteration Insights. Renata graduated with a B.Comm from Toronto Met, where she completed a double major in Marketing and Economics within 3 years. She is passionate about marketing strategy and planning and has developed an interest in leveraging marketing automation to run a lean marketing team.

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