11 Courses to Learn Data Analytics and BI in Alberta

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Data, data, data… it seems to be what everyone is talking about these days.

A quick Google search will lead to many results as to why Data Analytics is important. While writing this blog post, the top google search I had on this topic brought up the following

Data analytics is important because it helps businesses optimize their performances. Implementing it into the business model means companies can help reduce costs by identifying more efficient ways of doing business and by storing large amounts of data.

A company can also use data analytics to make better business decisions and help analyze customer trends and satisfaction, which can lead to new—and better—products and services. 

Why Data Analytics Matters

It’s no wonder then why so many employers are looking for people skilled in Data Analytics and hence why so many post-secondary institutions are beginning to offer courses related to this field.

If you are interested in a career transition into Data Analytics, or are looking for professional development opportunities in this area and are looking for an accredited program designed to complement the schooling you already possess, you have come to the right place.

For this blog, we have chosen to focus on post-secondary institutions in Calgary and Edmonton. We know these cities well due to our Power Platform & Azure Analytics User Groups that we facilitate in both cities. However, in the future, we are also excited to talk about other post-secondary institutions across Canada offering courses in Data Analytics.

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Data Analytics and BI Courses in Calgary, Alberta

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) Data Analytics and Business Intelligence programs

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

Business Intelligence Data Analysis and Reporting

Details: Twenty-four weeks, Full time, Fast track, Certificate

This course aims to helps students build a career in Business Intelligence by guiding learners to develop, analyze, and administer corporate data which allows businesses and organizations to make better decisions.

One of the ways that SAIT helps students accomplish this goal is by teaching them to use databases and reporting tools that are critical for business success. Students learn to use Microsoft SQL Server and B.I. toolset which gives students the critical skills needed to develop, administer, and analyze corporate data.

Bow Valley College (BVC) Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Programs

Bow Valley College (BVC)

Data Management and Analytics

Details: Two-term, Full time, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate  

This program prepares learners to uncover insights from unstructured data sets to inform data-driven decision making. Learners will determine data requirements, plan for the data life cycle, model data, and use information technology tools to gather data and interpret results.

Graduates will have experience with relational database systems, data warehousing, data quality improvement, and visual analytics, along with an introduction to working with big data. Graduates will be able to design data analytics projects to help organizations across sectors make informed and actionable decisions.

Resolving real-life business and organizational challenges is central to the project work done in this course.

University of Calgary (UofC) Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Programs

University of Calgary (UofC)

Data Science and Analytics

Faculty of Science, Professional Programs

The Data Science and Analytics Program at the University of Calgary is unique in that it allows you to choose how you would like to achieve the Masters of Data Science. For a full understanding of how long this program will take, visit the U of C FAQ page.

Masters of Data Science and Analytics (MDSA)

Details: 1 Year, Full Time, Masters Degree

The MDSA requires 36 units of coursework, including a 6-unit internship. You will be able to choose one of the following three specializations: (1) Business Analytics, (2) Data Science, or (3) Health Data Science and Biostatistics.

Whether you want to enhance your analytical skillset, refresh your skills, or expand your career, the University of Calgary’s Master of Data and Analytics will get you there. This unique graduate degree combines technical knowledge and a hands-on learning experience that will prepare you to take your career to new heights in today’s data-driven world.

Graduate Certificate in Fundamental Data Science and Analytics

Details: 4 months, Full-time, Certificate Course

The certificate program consists of four intensive courses and will expose you to all phases of the Data Science and Analytics Pipeline

With the Certificate in Fundamental Data Science and Analytics, you gain the necessary knowledge base and useful skills to manage large data sets and present real-world data analytics challenges with the use of statistical modeling and data visualization tools.

The Certificate in Fundamental Data Science and Analytics will count for credit toward the Diploma in Data Science and Analytics, where you may choose to specialize in business analytics, data science, or health data science and biostatistics.

The diploma program is for students who have completed the certificate and will add 4 courses of specialized study.

Graduate Diploma in Data Science and Analytics

Details: 8 months, Full-time, Diploma

The University of Calgary offers a diploma with three unique specializations in Data Science and Analytics to prepare you for a job in these emerging fields: Data ScienceBusiness Analytics, and Health Data Science & Biostatistics.

Data scientists are primarily concerned with generating actionable information in the form of data, whereas a business analyst uses that information to generate insights about the business and make data-driven decisions. The diploma in Data Science and Analytics with a Specialization in Data Science is offered by the Faculty of Science.

The Diploma in Data Science and Analytics with a Specialization in Business Analytics is offered by the Haskayne School of Business, and the Diploma in Data Science and Analytics with a Specialization in Health Data Science. Biostatistics is offered by the Cumming School of Medicine.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Certificate

Details: 240 Hours, Part-time, Certificate

Business Intelligence (BI) is the field of combining data, technology, business processes, and analytics to optimize business decisions and drive success. BI has become a technological priority for organizations, and its tools, approaches, and methods are quickly becoming valued skillsets. Turning your data into valuable information is no longer a luxury — it is a necessity for our ever-changing markets. This program offers in-class or online delivery/

The Certificate in Business Intelligence and Analytics focuses on the four pillars of the BI Body of Knowledge: people, process, technology, and data. The four core courses will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and exposure to the technologies and processes essential to any BI project. You will learn to execute each stage of a project, from requirements gathering to the actual development of your solution, to exposing the data within your organization.

Data Analytics and BI Courses in Edmonton, Alberta 

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Programs

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

Data Science Certificate

Details: Flexible Time Frame, Part-time, Certificate

The purpose of this course is to jumpstart an individual’s career in Data Science and explore the concepts of big data, data analysis, and information visualization. In its own right, Data Science is a rapidly growing field that derives its strategies from computing, statistics, and business.

A Data Science certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the 6 core courses.

You will learn how to manipulate data and wrangle large data sets. Discover how to set up and implement machine learning experiments that provide robust business value including more advanced subjects like Deep Learning. With the use of Python programming language, learn about data management software such as pandas, Tableau, matpltlib, scikit-learn, and TensorFlow.

Business Intelligence and Data Management Certificate

Details: Flexible Time Frame, Part-time, Certificate

A Business Intelligence & Data Management Certificate will be awarded upon completion of the program’s 6 courses.

Business Intelligence (BI) helps Enterprises succeed in today’s competitive environment. However, Implementing BI solutions is a complex endeavor. This course helps learners discover why BI projects are unique, their impact on business, and what decision-makers need to consider before implementation.

You will get to investigate the challenges related to people, processes, and managing large amounts of data and learn how to overcome them. Get familiar with Big Data utilization and Cloud technologies.

As more organizations begin or enhance their analytics journey, they need to plan how they will apply best practices of Data Management to ensure that analytics is supported by a robust collection of quality and richly managed data. Learn about Data Management principles, data-driven use cases for end-users while complying with enterprise governance, and leveraging large volumes of facts for trend analysis.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Certificate

Details: Flexible Time Frame, Part-time, Certificate

A Business Intelligence and Analytics Certificate will be awarded upon completion of the 6 core courses.

This certificate program is a technical stream designed for business intelligence and analytics practitioners as well as data architects and data scientists.

In the Business Intelligence and Analytics certificate program, learners will discover business concepts, best industry practices, and leading-edge technologies you can implement to deliver successful business intelligence and analytics solutions.

University of Alberta (UofA) Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Progams

University of Alberta (UofA)

Course Series in Analytics for Business

Faculty of Extension, Continuing Education in Technology

Details: 3 months, Part-time, Certificate

In-class or online study tailored for business analysts, content developers, business advisors, marketing specialists, project managers. This course can be completed in 3 months. Please see the 2020/2021 Schedule at a Glance for more information.

This series is designed for mid-level management who are developing and implementing new business analytics within their organization. Learners may come from a wide range of employment sectors including private, governmental, and educational organizations.

In the Analytics for Business series, you will acquire an overall understanding of analytics and how you can apply it to improve decision making within your organization. Through a set of three workshops, you will examine the key concepts and the unique skills required to develop and execute strategies in business analytics.

Course Series in Data Science

Faculty of Extension, Continuing Education in Technology

Details: 6 months, Part-time, Certificate

In-class or online study tailored for data scientists, this three-course series covers topics such as probability and data distributions, descriptive and inferential statistics, multivariate statistical tools, and R Language.

All courses will be introductory to demystify programming language and statistics and have a focus on understanding rather than simply applying concepts and tools.

This series is comprised of three three-day courses, each of them designated to stand along in providing specific data science skills. Courses can also be taken together to provide learners with a comprehensive data science skillset.


This is not an extensive list of all the courses offered in the field of Data Analytics in Calgary and Edmonton. Hopefully, it opened your eyes to the many different areas that fall under the scope of Data Analytics.

Please take your time and go through each course offering in detail through the links provided to ensure you research the program that best suits your specific needs.  

We hope you enjoyed this blog, and if you know of any other programs in the areas that we may have missed, we would love to hear from you!

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  • Absolutely amazing how data analytics is trasforming businesses. The powwer to optizize performances, reduce costs, and make informed decisions is unparalleled.

  • Absolutely amazing how Data Analytics is transforming businesses! The power to optimize performances, reduce costs, and make informed decisions is unparalleled. With the increasing demand for skilled professionals, the opportunities in Data Analytics are not just promising but highly profitable.

  • Thinking of making a career transition into Data Science, but confused about where to start? Or, enthusiastic to learn and explore the Data Science domain as a beginner? Well, even if you are a professional, or a novice, for that matter, get tailor-made Data Science courses in Pune at Skillslash! Learn key Data Science concepts from experts in the field and apply it in real-time projects.


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