10 Data Analytics Courses to Expand your Career in Ontario

Hello and welcome back to this blog series where we explore different data programs in Canada. Back in March, I shared with you 10 Courses to Learn Data Analytics and BI in BC.

Today, in this blog, we are focusing on programs located in Ontario. For courses offered in other parts of Canada, please stay tuned for more blogs coming soon!

In my last blog, I shared that the Information and Communications Technology Council ICTC etalent Canada, states that the data industry is strong for job seekers.

Since then, the tech revolution in Canada has continued to grow at a rapid pace. TECHNATION Canada says that tech is leading the way for innovation and job creation in every sector.

If you are interested in how technology is paving the way for the future of Canada’s economy,  you can read their latest research reports, annual reviews, and more.


Top 10 Best Data Analytics Courses in Toronto, Ottawa, and Across Ontario

Are you interested in getting involved in this exciting industry?

Let’s look at some of the post-secondary institutions in Ontario and their course descriptions to find out where you can learn these valuable skills and knowledge that are transforming Canada as we speak.

University of Toronto | Certificate Data Science

Details: Certification, Continuing Education  

About: The University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies has partnered with University of Waterloo Professional Development to offer courses in this certificate in an online format.

These courses are listed on their website under required courses. Registration into the online courses is done through the University of Waterloo. Courses completed online will earn a joint University of Toronto SCS and University of Waterloo PD certificate.

Description: Organizations today require professionals who can extract and analyze extremely large amounts of data – Big Data – and present useful insights to business leaders.

If you’re one of them or would like to be, this certificate program is for you. You’ll come away with the kind of deep analytical skills and abilities that organizations and recruiters value. Work with industry experts on advanced statistical modeling, machine learning, and natural language processing. You’ll cover content essential for the toolbox of a predictive analytics professional, including neural networks and deep learning; programming languages and software used in data extraction and analysis; and data security, compliance, and privacy issues.

The course content covers the 7 domains of INFORMS’ Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) certification. You’ll also learn how to represent data visually to help decision-makers understand your findings. Whether you work in operations, business intelligence, or marketing communications, are a recent math or science graduate, or want to change or advance your career, this certificate will open up the in-demand field of Big Data.

York University | Data Information & Technology: Professional Programs

Details: Professional Development Certificates in Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, and DevOps.

About: Full time and Part-time Certificate programs

Description: The world is changing fast. Advances in technology are creating new industries and career opportunities at a rapid pace. Our professional programs keep pace with these emerging fields and many of our programs are first-to-market in Canada. Start your career upgrade with our programs and finish with the skills and confidence to lead and pioneer change in these revolutionary fields.

Whether you have an extensive background in data, information, and technology or are looking to reskill for a career in a digital field, our programs set you up for success. You will learn the cross-functional skillset to pursue your ambitions in data analytics, information privacy, cloud computing, and more.

McMaster University | Certificate Data Science

Details: Professional Development Certificate  

Duration: 1 Year – 1.5 Years

Description: Data science presents an intermediate level of content in the areas of statistics, data analytics, big data analytics, machine learning, and technical/software applications. You’ll learn technical concepts from leading practitioners and benefit from hands-on courses and computer lab training with the latest industry tools. In this program, you’ll work individually and on teams to complete course projects and build a professional portfolio. You’ll learn to

  • Identify a business problem and determine if, and how, an analytics solution is applicable
  • Translate a business problem into an analytics problem
  • Propose, and refine, analytical solutions to business problems
  • Collect, analyze, interpret, and share data
  • Identify relationships in data
  • Select problem‐solving techniques and software tools to test analytical solutions
  • Employ common industry software tools
  • Identify, test, and evaluate model structures to apply to solve a business problem
  • Assess new and emerging technologies, tools and strategies applicable to data science and related fields

Carlton University | Certificate Data Analytics

Details: Certificate of Completion

Duration: 4 Weeks

Description: The objective of this intensive program is to enhance professional development in all aspects of data analytics. Designed for students and professionals interested in pursuing careers in this field, the program provides participants with an understanding of the latest trends in data analytics including tools, research topics, skills’ requirements, and leading business processes.

The curriculum of this program can be customized in accordance with specific professional development objectives of participants and/or their home institutions. Participants are selected according to criteria agreed upon in advance with Carleton University. This course emphasizes data modeling and critical thinking in an age of “big data” and real-time decision-making.

Queen’s University | Degree Data Analytics

Details: Bachelor of Computing (Honours)

Duration: 4 Years

Description: Data analytics is a new way of understanding complex systems by building computational models that are consistent with the observed data about those systems. It is a critical component of the operation of businesses and governments, as well as an important research tool. Data analytics is used for applications such as understanding customers, making effective investment decisions, recommending shows on platforms like Netflix, detecting cyber-intrusions or financial fraud, and much more. Review the course web page provided for a detailed list of the class calendar that comprises this degree.

University of Ottawa | Degree Data Science

Details: Honours BSc in Mathematics or Honours BSc in Computer Science (Data Science)

Duration: 4 Years

Description: Every day all over the world, large amounts of data are generated by business, scientific and social activities. Data-driven approaches to decision-making in areas as diverse as medicine, business, sports, advertising, and entertainment are now essential.

Data Science is the study, application, and development of methods to learn from this data. These are essential to understand, predict, and make improvements in management strategies, products, services, advertising campaigns, public health and safety, and many other areas. These methods combine elements of mathematics, computer science, and statistics.

Students in this program will obtain significant “hands-on” experience through various projects and a Data Science Laboratory

Seneca College | Honours Bachelor of Data Science and Analytics

Details: Honours Bachelor of Data Science and Analytics (DSA)

Duration: 4 Years

Description: The Honours Bachelor of Data Science and Analytics program is the first-of-its-kind in Ontario. This four-year degree program was designed to meet the growing need for data-driven business solutions. You will learn to identify and interpret data using algorithms and acquire skills to draw meaningful conclusions. Your knowledge will be enhanced through theory and applied learning with the help of case studies, guest speakers, and a co-op work experience. As a graduate of this program, you will be uniquely positioned to make an impact by combining solid business strategies with an in-depth knowledge of computer science, statistics, and analytics.

Ryerson University | Masters Data Science and Analytics

Details: Master of Science (MSc)

Duration: 1 Year full time or 2 Years part time

Description: This unique Master of Science (MSc) degree program enables students to develop interdisciplinary skills and gain a deep understanding of technical and applied knowledge in data science and analytics. Graduates are highly trained, qualified data scientists who can go on to pursue careers in industry, government, or research. The program is offered as a one-year full-time or two-year part-time MRP option and two-year full-time Thesis option.

The MSc in Data Science and Analytics is delivered in both lecture-based and hands-on lab learning environments where students can develop and apply their skills to complex, real-world datasets and data science and analytics problems.

Western University Canada | Masters Data Analytics

Details: Master of Data Science (MDS)

Duration: 1 Year

Description: Data is the currency of the 21st century. The pace of its production increases exponentially each year. Its full potential has yet to be tapped but governments, businesses, and individuals across the globe are increasingly faced with the challenges and the opportunities presented by data generation, storage, analysis, application, and innovation. Addressing the rapidly evolving big data landscape, public and private sector organizations search for data analytics experts, a new generation of highly qualified personnel who can work with many different types, quantities, and levels of complexity of data. With the advanced data analytics skills to manipulate and explore data both numerically and visually to find patterns and structures, big data professionals employ sophisticated modelling or algorithms to extract useful information and translate their findings to influence the course of business, economics, and health policy, among others, locally, nationally and across the planet.

Data analytics is inherently interdisciplinary. The foundation for descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics lies in a set of tools and techniques from Statistics and Computer Science, as well as from the intersection of these two fields. The Master of Data Analytics (MDA), a one-year professional science master’s program, equips our students with a set of highly sought-after, interdisciplinary technical data analytics skills, approaches, and experiences and prepares them for an analytics-focused career.

University of Guelph | Master of Data Science

Details: Master of Data Science (MDS)

Duration: 3 – 6 Semesters

Description: The University of Guelph launched a Master of Data Science program in response to the growing and anticipated need for top-tier data scientists in Canada. You can expect to gain a diverse and comprehensive understanding of data mining; data warehousing and database management; extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL); machine learning; artificial intelligence (AI); statistical modelling; scripting; and data visualization.

You’ll build your skills through practical experience via written assignments, oral presentations, case studies, applied course projects, and group work. You’ll also develop a portfolio of your work from the program, a valuable showcase in demand by tech employers.


Please note that this blog is not an extensive list of all the courses offered in the field of Data Analytics in Ontario. Rather, I barely scratched the surface of programs available. I think it is also interesting to note the strides being made even since my last blog post. It used to be difficult for me to find program offerings, but they seem to be appearing more and more easily.

Please take your time and go through each course offering in detail through the links provided to ensure you research the program that best suits your specific needs. I wish you all the best on your academic journey whether it’s a professional development course you seek or a four-year degree. The opportunities are endless!

We hope you enjoyed this blog, and if you know of any other programs in the areas that we may have missed, we would love to hear from you!

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